Winter Magic - Electroplated Silver | Cinnamon Sticks

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Bringing some 'Magic' to your Christmas!

This beautiful silver electroplated glass candle has been introduced last year with rave reviews so we decided to bring it back again! The stunning electroplated silver container can be re-used again and again, just pop a tealight inside and enjoy the beautiful magical flicker through the glass.

Not only does it look absolutely beautiful, but it also has a longer burn time of 50 hours.

The beautiful detail on the electroplated glass allows the flame to flicker gently through as it burns, creating a magical festive effect. 

The perfect gift for anyone this Christmas and an ideal addition to any dining room table or home. 

For full effect, always allow the candle to burn completely to the edge of the glass, forming a full melt pool.  This takes approximately 3 - 4 hours on it's first burn and 3 hours thereafter. 

Wax has a memory and if it is extinguished before then, it can form 'memory rings' the next time it is burnt.  

Always read the safety label and never leave a lit candle unattended.