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'Unwind' - Natural Reed Diffuser | French Lavender

Unwind Reed Diffuser - perfectly blended French Lavender

Allow your senses to be enveloped in the subtle blend of sweet and fresh fragrance of our French Lavender Reed Diffuser. 

Our stunning range of reed diffusers have been carefully created with the highest quality, natural fragrances and environmentally friendly carrier oil.  

Created to Infuse your space with continuous fragrance, our Reed Diffusers achieve the perfect scent throw, giving just the right level of fragrance for the home. 

Whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift,  chose the mood you wish with our range of beautiful fragrances. 

Why a diffuser? Unlike candles, which require a flame to create the scent, our reed diffusers are a perfectly safe way of continuously creating a beautiful atmosphere.  Each fragrance creates its unique sense of wellbeing in your home or workspace has never been easier. 

Fragrance last time - approximately 16 - 20 weeks

Ideal for a subtle, constant, long-lasting scent in your home or office.  Made with natural soy blend. 

Refills Now Available!! 

We are delighted to offer beautiful glass bottled refills for all our diffusers, complete with new reeds, for only £15 in our store.

Next time you purchase, you are not only saving money, but also being eco-conscious as our refills are plastic free and easily recycled in with your glass and metal recycling.