Rose Gold Wick Trimmers

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A must-have accessory to keep your favourite candles looking like new!  Our luxury rose gold wick trimmers. 

With a round tray at the base, these are the perfect way to snip your candles into perfection.

Why use Wick Trimmers?

Wick Trimmers are not just a beautiful accessory to sit prettily beside your candles, they play an important role in ensuring your candles burn cleanly and last longer!  

As every candle lover knows, the best way to ensure you make the most out of each and every beautiful candle is to keep the wick trimmed to 5mm.  Doing so prevents the wick from becoming too long and generating too much heat, which not only can cause excess smoke but also causes an uneven burn.  

his is now super easy with our strimmers which also capture that fiddly burnt wick with ease, ensuring no mess!

Designed with extra long arms to reach right into your candles as it burns down, our perfectly shaped trimmers ensure simple and effective wick snipping every time.

Made from stainless steel with a Rose Gold finish.