Self Care through Scent | Hand Poured in England

'Love' 3 Wick Candle - White Gloss | English Rose

Love | English Rose

Infuse your home with the beautiful scent and positive energy of this stunning 3 wick candle.


Our White Gloss 3 wick 'Love' candle in English Rose has been beautifully created and hand-poured here in England. 

This larger candle makes a truly wonderful gift to yourself or anyone who enjoys scent.  The benefit of 3 wicks is that you get a much stronger scent throw than with a single wick. Every candle is boxed carefully in a beautiful white box and finished off with a hand-tied ribbon.

The Scent:

Then there is the scent itself, the perfect combination of fresh floral tones, blended expertly with woody undertones and sweet top notes to remind you of a beautiful Summers day, strolling through an English meadow.  

Why Three Wicks:

With 3 wicks you get the benefit of far great scent released as your candle burns.  The result is a fragrance that will truly fill your room .. and beyond ... long after your have blown it out. 

The beautiful simplicity of the white glass against the creamy natural soy wax makes a stunning accessory or centrepiece in any space!