12 Month Gift Subscription | FREE Postage

Scent is a wonderful way to life and affect our mood and sense of wellbeing. 

Candles bring a sense of calm and wellbeing into any space.  
Pure, non toxic soy wax candles ... do all of this with an
added benefit of being made sustainably from 100% pure soy wax here in England.

A Candle Subscription is a beautiful gift, to ourselves or for someone who could do with a little extra care each month.

Why Subscribe to our subscription service?

Every month you will receive a different scent from our Wellbeing and Seasonal collections. 

It really is wonderful way to ensure you are prioritising your wellbeing each month and a fantastic way to try out new scents you may never otherwise try out as well.  Each scent has a different affect on our bodies, so it's great to explore and discover new scents rather than reach for the same one each time. 

How It Works

Each month you will receive a digital 'Self Care Path' download, direct. to your inbox. In here we share with you a number of tips, tools and suggestions for you to include in your month ahead.

Our Aim - to help you be the best version of yourself, by taking care of your own needs. 

'We cannot pour from an empty cup' and it's actually surprisingly easy to keep our cups replenished, if we just take the time to tune into our needs and create space to recharge. 

Our Scents

Our scents have been carefully selected over the years and we are also exploring. new range of wooded and musky fragrances, which we hope to release in Autumn.

We are delighted that  our candles continue to receive positive feedback time and again and in particular our gift boxes, which have been known to bring the recipient to tears of delight as they untie the ribbon and unwrap their gift from the soft tissue we surround it in. 

Miller & Keane

Our Values

Being an Eco-Conscious

We use minimal packaging. 

🌱 Plastic Free

🌱 Recyclable card box

🌱 Wood Wool 

🌱 Reusable Clear Glass Jars

Hand Poured in England 

All our products are made here in England, by an established family run candle maker, who have honed their craft over generations.  You can be safe and assured that each product is thoroughly tested before reaching your home.