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This month we are thrilled to chat with the lovely Louise Condon on all things fitness related.  

About Louise & Jump 'n' Juice

Founder of the incredibly popular Jump'n'Juice, Louise is a busy mom of two herself and understands just how difficult it can be. to get to the gym to workout.    

In fact, this was one of the reasons she set up Jump'n'Juice, to offer time poor people, an opportunity to workout at home ... anytime!

Louise is a qualified personal trainer and along with a team of other professional trainers Jump'n'Juice offers a wide range of workouts from yoga & pilates to HIIT classes and toning.  

Best of all, this fab online portal has a library of stored video content for all these classes PLUS new classes added each week as well as 'Live' workouts scheduled that you can join too!  

SPECIAL OFFER: Louise has kindly offered a fab discount to any new members who want to try out this membership. See end of this article for details. 

No Contract | No cancellation fee - Just great workouts! 


Tell us a little bit about how Jump'n'Juice started?

I started Jump n Juice as my sole aim is to make the world a healthier place. I want people to realise how good they can feel by eating well, exercising regularly and focusing on a good night’s sleep! 

My biggest challenge?

Believe it or not, when I first set up Jump n Juice I hated being in front of a camera! I’ve had to learn to be comfortable being on screen and learn to be confident in putting myself out there.

Advice for people now our lives have changed with Covid-19?

With the forced isolation we no longer have the excuse of ’not having the time to exercise’. Use this time to work on yourself….clean up your diet, focus on a good night’s sleep, do some yoga and move your body everyday. Emerge from this crisis fitter, stronger and leaner than ever!

What keeps me motivated each day?

It sounds cheesy but my clients motivate me. Seeing how much time and energy they put in to looking after themselves really inspires me to keep being a healthier and fitter version of myself.

What’s the best piece of health advice I could give to someone wanting to get fit? 

Sleep! Focus on your sleep - like really focus on it. Get a good bedtime routine, prioritise sleep over Netflix, get up at the same time every day and your body will really thank you for it. Every aspect of your life and health will improve.

The best advice I've received?

Sometimes good is better than perfect. On occasions you just need to get things out there and then learn and perfect from there. We often procrastinate too much and then things never actually happen. .

Can anyone join Jump'n'Juice or do you need to have a certain level of fitness?

Jump'n'Juice really is for ALL levels! We have workouts that are super easy for those starting out their fitness journey and more advanced options, for those who like to push and challenge themselves.   With yoga, pilates, HIIT and lots in between, we also encourage people to try different workouts from our Library too. 

Can you try it out or is there a contract you need to sign?

There is NO contract as we don't want anyone to be put off trying it out! It's simply a month to month membership, but thankfully we find our members love the format and tend to stay with us!


Only £6.50 per month for unlimited 20 minute workouts & Recipes

Louise has kindly offered a fab discount to anyone who want to try out this membership.  Instead of £10 per month, new members can sign up for only £6.50 per month!   No Contract | No Joining Fee

Go to JumpnJuice.co.uk Enter the code 'MillerKeane' for the discount and enjoy a library of fab 20 minute videos to keep you motivated! 


With Jump’n’Juice membership you receive:

  • Regular Live Facebook workouts 
  • Pre recorded workouts to do at a time that suits you (HIIT, yoga, Pilates, abs and weighted workouts)
  • My Detox / Fat Loss e-books sent to you for free
  • Regular health and fitness challenges to keep you focused
  • Access to our exclusive Jump'n'Juice Facebook Group where there’s an active health and fitness community there to support and motivate you!  

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     “Your body doesn’t know where you are working out and doesn’t care where you workout; in a gym or in your lounge. 
    All it cares about is moving, jumping, lifting, twisting and stretching."