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Self care means something to different from one person to the next.  We are all individual and so is the way in which we recharge.  

 Self Care Tips

Whether it's Yoga, Netflix or a glass of wine .... ensuring you have space to recharge each day is incredibly important. 

Take a break from the news

We all felt it, that anxiety that left us hardly able to think straight those first few weeks as Covid-19 images from Italy and China made their way into our living rooms.  However, watching a constant stream of negative news doesn't nothing for our mental or physical wellbeing.  Take a break and focus on what you can control rather than what you can't.  

Stay active

In addition to our daily exercise outdoors, there is plenty we can do at home.  So many fitness businesses have gone online offering free or subscription based classes.. YouTube has a huge offering from Yoga to Hiit and dance classes.  Make sure you move your body daily - it's as good for our mental wellbeing as it is for our physical. 

Talk it out

Now more than ever, we need to connect with people.  Thankfully most of us have the technology to whatsapp, message, call, facetime and viber those we love.  Reach out and connect, talk, share your feelings.  This is unchartered territory for most of us. 

Try a new recipe

Now that we are at home, pull out those recipes you've been meaning to cook.  Look some up online or join one of the many recipe share groups on facebook or whatsapp.  Cooking doesn't have to be fancy or complicated to be fun! 

Declutter for five minutes

Whether you've discoverred the joy of Marie Kondo on netflix yet, or not, now is a wonderful time to tackle those overflowing cupboards and drawers.  Aim to do one a day and put on your favourite radio station or podcast! Decluttering your living space has a wonderful effect on our minds too. 

Watch or read something uplifting

Counteract the negativity going on around you at present and bring your attention to the positives.  Whether a wellbeing magazine, positive or inspiring book or visiting an uplifting website.  SuperSoulSunday has an array of positive, inspiring videos and interviews to uplift the soul. 

Learn something new

It doesn't need to be Spanish or the guitar, it can be as simple as learning to cook, bake, knit or as complex as learning to build a website or do an online photography course.  With the internet and YouTube, there is no end to the number of subjects you could take up right now.  

Learning something you enjoy has a wonderful positive effect on our mental wellbeing as well as it engages the creative part of our brains.

Calm your mind

We all have moments of anxiety.  It's impossible to avoid right now.  Pause and focus on your breathing.  This is a wonderful way of calming our body, simply breathing in for four, hold for the count of four and exhale for four. 

Make a music playlist

Music is a wonderful way to uplift the soul.  What songs make you feel happy? For me anything from the 90's takes me back to fun memories of my teenage years with friends.  As I type I'm listening to a 90's Feel Good playlist.  

Complle your own list of songs you love! The ones that make you break out in a smile or bring back happy memories.  

Gratitude - List 3 things you are grateful for

No matter how difficult life gets, there is always plenty to be grateful for! Practicing daily gratitude is a wonderful way of reminding ourselves of all the good things in our lives.  We may not be able to see our friends, but we have a roof over our heads, food to eat and are safe.  For many people this is not a reality even without a pandemic.  Homeless, refugees, struggling families don't have these basic needs met.  Appreciating what we do have is a wonderful way of rewiring our brains to feel grateful and positive.  


The questions to ask yourself is 'Does this bring me joy?'  'Does it energise me afterwards?'  'Is this something I look forward to doing?'


If you hate working out, then spending an hour a day. lifting weights in a gym is not the best way to recharge.  If you find sitting still stressful, then forcing yourself to sit through an hour long meditttion is also not the best thing to do.  It may be that a dance class, a walk with a friend or reading a magazine with a cup of tea are good places to start on your self care journey. 


For more tips read out Self Care Tips and explore the right ones that spark joy for you!