Orphans Know More


As we all know, there are many worthwhile causes and charities to support.  Sadly, not all get funding from the government or any large agencies and hence rely on the kindness of individuals for support.  They don't have budgets for marketing or advertising and it can almost be impossible to be heard in the competitive pages of print and online media! 

One such charity is the small but incredibly important Orphans Know More.

Founded by Suzi & John Peachy in 2005, when their eight year old daughter Naomi, expressed a desire to help orphans.  This beautiful charity has overcome the odds to reach out and find families for orphaned children in Uganda and have made such a huge difference to many lives, in many ways! 

We have partnered with Orphans Know More because we know that life is about giving back and we have committed 10% of our profits to this beautiful charity. 

To find out more about this beautiful charity please visit www.OrphansKnowMore.com.

Thank you!