Different Types of Wax

Different types of wax

There are many different types of wax to choose from when buying your candle.

The main differences relate to the toxins produced as the candle burns, a clean burn versus a toxic burn, and also how the wax is sourced.

Natural waxes, such as vegetable wax and soy wax, have a light and creamy colour to them whilst producing a slight plant-like fragrance when burnt. Made from natural oils, such as those from the rapeseed plant and the soya bean, these waxes are a sustainable alternative to more popular paraffin waxes as they are 100% natural in origin.  

However, not all natural waxes are sustainably resourced and in recent years many questions have been raised about the use of palm oil in candles.  Much of this is to do with the increased rate of deforestation in Indonesia and malaysia, which has occurred to meet the demands for palm wax and palm oil.  

Mineral waxes, of which paraffin is the most widely used have a very long burn making them one of the most popular choices for candle making.  However, much has been written in the media about the negative effects of their more toxic burn. 

The wax you chose is very much a personal choice, however, our ethos has taken us in the direction of providing a cleaner, natural and environmentally sustainable product for our customers.