Deborah Warren | Deborah Fitz Interiors

This month we are delighted to sit down with Hertfordshire based interior designer and mum of two, Deborah Warren.  We ask her to share a little bit about her journey into her career and what inspires her.


Deborah Fitz


Thanks so much for sitting down with us and sharing a little bit about your journey.  Can you start by sharing with us how exactly you began your career as an interior designer?


So, I literally fell into interior design. My dream had always been to become a fashion designer but after leaving college I was told my personality was too shy to survive the fashion world. I then went to work for Laura Ashley as an intermediate gap and then had an industrial accident where I fell through a trap door!

Whilst off recovering I studied a degree in interior design and then slowly began to take on clients.  Twenty five years later, I am still loving my job and the flexibility of working for myself has allowed me to work around bringing up my children.

Wow, that was a good use of your time and really worked out well for you!  I hope the fall wasn't too damaging?

The accident has left me with ongoing back and neck issues, so working for myself has been useful as I can try and work within my limitations when I have a flare up.

What keeps your inspired or energised?

The things that keep me energised is communicating with like-minded women. I love the energy and support they give and I always feel inspired after we have met. I love a good chat over a coffee and this really helps as working on your own can get lonely and it is great to be able to bounce ideas around.

Any particular event or area that you are particularly proud of?

I am most proud of the fact that I am still here doing a job I love and clearly people think I am ok at it to be in business 25 years later.   

I really try to listen and design for my client, rather than push my own taste.  My aim is with both guidance on the design side and a brilliant team of contractors that we take the stress out of any project whilst creating your dream room/ house.  I thrive on having a good team of contractors as this is such an important part of my work and good communication with clients, 

It's been an incredibly hard year for everyone in almost every business! Can you share how you've had to make changes in how you work and what challenges you've faced or what solutions you've found?

It was a very scary time and there were times when I thought I may lose everything,  but you just have to adapt, stay positive  and keep going, making sure I kept my name out there on social media and kept interacting with people.

During lockdown, I offered  zoom calls and still offer these to anyone who prefers this way of working. I was doing more design boards rather than face to face meetings, so it was about adapting to keep things moving as I was not eligible for any funding from the government, despite having paid taxes my whole working life.

Luckily many people have  been wanting to improve their homes during this period, so I feel I am blessed to be busy now.  

Do you have any favourite quote you can share with us?

“When women support each other incredible things happen”.


 To find out more about Deborah and her fab interior design business, follow her on any of the links below or email her directly.