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Be Inspired

Our 'Be Inspired' features is about supporting, cheerleading and celebrating one another in business and in life.

We are delighted to feature this wonderful group of business owners and learn what motivates and inspires them along the way. 

 From coaches and counsellors to fitness, fashion, food and much more  - these lovely ladies followed their passion to set up businesses that were aligned with doing what they love!                 

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Penny Bird
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"Great things often come, when we push ourselves outside our comfort zones. "   


My Story 

Cathy DowdenAfter taking a career break to bring up our two boys, I found myself wondering how I would get back into working life again. 

I soon discovered that, sadly, this is a very common issue faced by a lot of women who take time off (often several years) to stay at home and bring up their children full time. 



For me, I was in my 40's when I set up Miller & Keane and it was a case of learning absolutely everything from scratch.   

Taking my business from idea to an actual reality has been a journey that has taken me out of my comfort zone (too many times to list here) and challenged me on every level.    Thankfully, a determination to 'figure it out',  love of learning and ability to self-motivate saw me through and today I am very happy I took that huge leap.

Having used candles for years in my therapy practice, I knew the huge benefits offered to our wellbeing - by using scent.   Scent, like music, has the ability to bring a beautiful sense of calm to almost any space.   

Like many women, I've been a life long candle lover, enjoying not only the scent but also the wonderfully calming effect of the flickering flame and dim lighting offered by these beautiful gifts.

Still, I thought of every reason NOT to set up my own candle business - it just seemed like too much of a reach.  I knew a wonderful candlemaker here in England who I already bought my soy candle from, I knew the huge benefit of scent on our wellbeing and I often bought candles as gifts for friends knowing what joy they brought .... but still I just didn't see who I could make this a reality.  I even briefly tried two other online businesses before taking the plunge.

The inner critic can be a tough one to overcome.

I'm very passionate about wellbeing and self-care and during my years working in London as a qualified natural therapist  I treated far too many people for symptoms of burnout - much of which could have been avoided with a better self care awareness and practice.  Sadly, in todays busy world, most of us are hard wired to put self care at the bottom of the 'list' - almost a nice treat one day 'when everything else is done'. 

"We rise by lifting those around us, on the way" 

Along the bumpy path, I have met so many other inspiring ladies and business owners, who have helped, inspired, supported and encouraged me on my journey.   This wonderful sisterhood of women is something that I believe is to be treasured and incredibly important to continue.  


Each month I love to share a little about these ladies who have inspired me ... and I hope that they will inspire you too!