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October is Cancer Awareness Month and I am incredibly honoured to share the inspiring journey of Angel Ashcroft, mum of two and busy business owner.    

 Angel is also a cancer survivor and advocate of women checking their breasts to ensure they don't miss any lumps.  


Your energy and drive are incredibly inspiring.  Can you tell our readers a little bit about your journey?

I have always worked in challenging environments as a Chartered Civil Engineer and Railway Project Manager.  Over the years, my health started to falter, initially with the diagnosis of Epilepsy, then unexplained infertility and most recently I was diagnosed with breast cancer (triple negative Grade 3 aggressive) during the second trimester of my second pregnancy. 

Each pregnancy took me over 3 years to conceive naturally and I literally felt like my world was tumbling around me when I received the news of the cancer diagnosis. 

Thankfully, I had a wonderfully humorous Oncologist, who whilst briefing me on the more serious nature of my condition, was also able to understand exactly what I needed to hear, deliver a plan and throw in the odd light hearted jokes to lighten the mood.  I received 4 rounds of chemotherapy during pregnancy, a break from the drugs to deliver my son, followed by 12 rounds of weekly chemo, a mastectomy and radiotherapy with the final news of all clear which has remained so for 5 years now.  


That's a huge amount to deal with Angel. It can't have been easy to recover from all that.  What led you to then start your own business?

I first heard about possible effects of common chemicals found in everyday beauty products at a Breast Cancer meeting and was shocked at how many of these chemicals are toxic, with some actually being known to be carcinogenic.  The beauty industry is not very strictly regulated with a lot of power being placed with "the responsible person" being the manufacturer. 

My body was in a poor state from all the cancer fighting treatment and I was feeling super sensitive from head to toe, unable to use many of my usual favourite products.  I had almost given up on feeling normal again, until I discovered Tropic Skincare, which is naturally derived and made fresh to order with products spanning skincare, body care, hair care, sun protection and make up. 

I also found out about the amazing ethos of the company, all the different charities they support and how they are constantly striving to do more for sustainability by considering the whole life cycle of their products.  As an Engineer, this is something I always strived for but never felt was fully achieved in my industry. 

I decided to become a Tropic Ambassador, even though it was unlike anything I've ever done before, but that nagging voice in my head told me that I had beaten cancer and survived and should therefore follow my passion.  I wanted to spread the message so that people can make informed choices as consumers on what they are buying and what sort of Companies and ethos they are supporting.

What do you love most about running your own business?

I love running my business to fit around my children, enjoying my precious time with them, as well as learning new skills, meeting people and being able to support others going through Cancer treatment by volunteering to pamper the patients with Tropic goodies at the Spire Hospital (until Covid-19 took over). 

And any challenges?

My biggest challenge has been breaking through the barrier of preconceptions.  Some of my friends and associates had pigeon holed me as an Engineer and therefore determined in their mind that I'm not suited to sales in a completely different industry. 

What has been your biggest learning along the way?

I've learned that your health is the most important asset you have, because if that's not right, you can't do much else. 

Skills are transferable and there is more than one approach to fulfil a task with the same end goal. 

Just do what you're comfortable with, be genuine and don't hang on to other people's expectations or achievements.  Focus on meeting your own goals and be kind to yourself. 

If you were giving advice to anyone considering setting up their own business, what would it be?

My advice would be to stick to your personal values, be true to who you are and always stay passionate.  You have good and bad days, just know that nothing is personal and there is always a lesson to be learnt, so learn, adapt, move on and be happy.  Let every win, no matter how small motivate you to the next step.


Where can people find out more about your fab business?

Facebook: Angels Tropic VIP"s Click Here

Instagram: Angel Tropic Click Here

Webshop: Angel Tropic Skincare Click Here 

Thank you so much Angel, it's such a pleasure to share your beautiful journey with our lovely readers! 

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