About Miller & Keane


“When we care for ourselves, ..... everyone benefits!'

Miller and Keane, London, is about finding calm

within the chaos of our busy daily lives. 

We understand how hectic life can be and we are passionate about wellbeing and balance through scent and our beautiful positive affirmation cards.


Cathy Dowden Miller & Keane
'As busy moms, we are far kinder to our phones than we are to our own wellbeing.             
When the battery shows 2%, we quickly find a charger and plug in it!    
How lovely it would be if we did the same for ourselves!'    
 Cathy Dowden
 Miller & Keane 


Why shop with Miller & Keane?

We are a small British boutique brand and family run business.
Each one of our products is created with the highest of standards as well as eco-conscious values in mind.  
It is so easy now to import cheap candles, with no concern about who or where they were made or by who.  And the obvious choice is to usel paraffin wax, cheap, widely available but (despite it's innocent looking appearance) a by-product of crude oil and supporting an industry that is so damaging to our planet.
Instead, we choose to be conscious, to source carefully, locally and offer a high quality scented candle that you can enjoy without the negatives.


Our Candles are Made to the highest standards using;

Artisan Candlemakers
Sustainably & Renewably Sourced Materials
Plastic-Free Packaging
Non Toxic Inks
Local Suppliers
We choose to offer a high quality product that cares


We care! About our planet and about our economy.  That is why we work with other amazing small UK businesses and support our local economy.

Our candles, our packaging, our labels, delivery and much more are all locally sourced.  We also give back and are incredibly proud to partner with the beautiful charity Orphans Know More. 


Orphans Know More

Suzy & John Peachy along with their lovely family are incredibly inspiring in the work they do for this charity and have raised funds to help hundreds of orphaned children and families in Uganda over the years.
10% of our profits go to Orphans Know More.
We feel very privileged to be part of their story in a very small way and look forward to supporting them in a bigger way as we grow as a business.