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About Miller & Keane


“We are kinder to our phones than we are to ourselves! We wouldn’t expect our phones to continue for long when at 5%, instead we quickly find a charger and plug it in!"


Miller and Keane, London, is about finding calm within the chaos of our busy daily lives.  

Miller & Keane is a brand passionate about wellbeing and balance and finding this elusive holy grail in today's fast paced life.   The idea that you can combine wellness with scent to create the space you need in your own home is something that makes it much easier to achieve.  Time out for a spa day or weekend break to recharge - while lovely - isn't always possible.  Creating a daily routine of wellness and self care in your own home is something that we can all achiever.  

 About Soy Candles 

Did you know that most scented candles are actually made from paraffin wax?  A crude oil by-product that is neither good for our beautiful planet nor the air quality that you breathe in your home!  

 We care about both, which is why all of our candles are made from 100% pure natural soy wax.  Sustainably sourced, nurtured by farmers and each candle is carefully hand poured right here in England!

 All while being mindful of our planet, using 100% plant wax (pure soy beans) vegan, GMO free, sustainable and renewable.   

100% Cotton Wicks & Bamboo lids finish off these beautiful natural candles. 


Our Charity Partner 

Suzy & John Peachy along with their lovely family are incredibly inspiring in the work they do for this charity and have raised funds to help hundreds of orphaned children and families in Uganda over the years. 

We feel very privileged to be part of their story in a very small way and look forward to supporting them in a bigger way as we grow as a business.  

10% of our profits are donated to Orphans Know More. 


About Cathy

"During my years working as a therapist in London, I used scent in all my treatments to help calm, uplift or re-balance my clients."

I really noticed the powerful effect they had on creating the right environment for relaxation and self-care.    

"Scent is one of the quickest ways to trigger emotion as it is linked to the part of our brain that stores memory."