About Us

More than just a candle ... wellbeing in a glass!

Miller and Keane founder, Cathy Dowden, is all too aware of the positive & transformative power of scent.  When working as a natural therapist, Cathy was able to create space with candlelight and thought-out, crafted scents.  She was able to bring calm to moments of a person’s otherwise stressed out day and create a place for them to press reset.


When returning to work after having her children, Miller and Keane, Cathy considered other options but candles and the space created through scent wouldn’t let her go.  Cathy realised that people might not always have the time or funds to go to a spa, but she also knew that they could create that feeling at home, in the same way she had done for years in her treatment rooms.

“We are kinder to our phones than we are to ourselves! We wouldn’t expect our phones to continue for long when at 5%, instead we quickly find a charger and plug it in! 

However we are often on 5% or less and barely even notice as we continue to push ourselves to do more and more without pausing to recharge ourselves.”

The idea that you can combine wellness with scent to create the space you need in your own home became integral to everything Miller and Keane does.  

The crafting of each candle is considered, from the chemical-free natural soy wax that is hand-poured in England, to the specific wick used to maximize the subtle scents and make sure senses aren’t overloaded.

Today, Miller and Keane, London, is about finding calm within the chaos, the hidden gems in London, the secret, cool, eclectic parts, that allow well-being in a busy life. All while being kind to our planet, fully recyclable, and vegan.