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Replace Reeds | For Natural Reed Diffuser

Replacement Reeds

Our set of eight replacement rattan reeds are ideal if you wish to refresh a 100ml reed diffuser.

Over time, dust can build up on your reeds or they can become saturated and the scent of your diffuser can diminish.

To refresh your diffuser, simply add this new set of reeds to your diffuser. Allow 2 - 4 hours for the scented oil to absorb through the natural reeds and enjoy a fresh flow of scent once again.

Reed diffusers are designed to enhanced your space with a sense of wellbeing through scent.


  • Eight natural reeds per bundle
  • 200mm in length
  • Gently releases a long-lasting aroma
  • Safe and easy to use


Product finished with a beautiful hand tied ribbon and soft white tissue.