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  • Why use wick trimmers?

August 04, 2019

If you love candles, you will love our wick trimmers.

The candle wick trimmer is not just a beautiful accessory to add to your home or office space but is also an essential tool that will help to prolong their use.

As your candle burns, the wax level reduces and you naturally end up with a longer wick than is necessary.  This results in more heat being generated than is required and hence an uneven burn when next lit if it has not been trimmed back.

What is the ideal wick length?

The ideal wick length is approximately 5mm - 6mm and it is recommended that you trim your candle to this length before you first burn each burn.  This will result in decreasing the wick size and therefore reducing the heat generated to the correct level so that it doesn't burn too quickly or unevenly.  

Mushroom effect - what is it?

Another issue that you may have noticed with untrimmed wicks, is the unsightly 'mushroom-like' effect you will see at the end after each burn.  This will of course inevitably break off itself over time and fall into the lovely wax pool below.  However here it creates a 'not so pretty' pool of black debris in your lovely candle.  Picking it out again is quite tricky and results in a lot of mess and often broken bits that you just can't remove.  

To avoid all this, simply use your wick trimmers and trim it before you use it!

How long should is the ideal wick length?

The recommended wick length is between 5 and 6mm.  Trimming your wick before each burn will ensure that your candle will last longer and will also look neat and debris free!

 Can I use regular scissors? 

Absolutely!  However, these wick trimmers have been designed with the length and angle to reach easily into the centre of your candle, even as it burns right down towards the base.  The additional benefit of the round disc at the base of the scissors means that you also catch the cut wick easily and can dispose of it without all the mess that can come from handling burnt wick, which often crumbles easily and can make quite a mess!

For a beautiful accessory, that will not only look amazing but will also prolong the life of your candles, we really do recommend you invest in these very affordable wick trimmers.  They also make a beautiful gift for any friends that enjoy candles ... see our gift collection for more details. 

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