• Unwind into Sleep

October 15, 2019


 ‘Sleep is the Best Meditation’ – Dalai Lama

That elusive state of bliss that we all wish we could gain more of.  

The benefits of a good night sleep are endless and include the following:

1 Anti-aging
2 Strengthens the immuse system
3 Balances appetite
4 Reduces migranes and other health benefits
5 Improves memory & protects against Alzheimers 


Tossing and turning when you can’t manage to fall asleep can be one of the most frustrating things we do.  You can feel completely exhausted and long for a good 7 hours … but somehow you just can’t seem to switch your mind off enough to drift away.  

Well, the good news is we have prepared some top tips to help you drift off into a wonderfully deep sleep.

  1. Preparation

A good nights sleep is all in the preparation and this starts long before bedtime.  When you are having that second coffee in the afternoon, remember it will give you a rush that will last well into the evening, keeping your mind active and can keep you awake.  

Eating anything 2-3 hours before you go to bed will also spike your blood sugar levels resulting in a burst of energy that can lead to a stimulated, active mind too.  Simple activities we think nothing of, but which really do have an impact on our sleep.

Screens away! We all have them, our tv, computers, ipads, laptops and our phones … often attached to our hand or within easy reach.  Sadly, the blue light they emit has been proven to disturb our ability to drift off to sleep easily. It is recommended to be completely screen free for at least an hour before bedtime.  Avoid the temptation and you will reap the benefits.

Instead, open your book and sip some warm chamomile tea before you turn out the lights.  Chamomile tea is naturally caffeine free and it’s contains the antioxidant apigenin which reduces anxiety and encourages sleep.

Other activities that help us to prepare for good quality sleep include a gentle yoga session or relaxing bath with a candle.  ‘Me Time’ in Honeysuckle & Jasmine is a wonderful bath time favourite.


  1. Environment

Creating a calming, clean environment is essential for drifting off to a deep sleep. Check that your bedroom isn't too hot as having a cool environment has been proven to help you fall asleep more quickly.  Wear something comfortable, who cares if they are big, bright and well worn pj’s …. put them on and get cosy! 

Dim your lighting in the lead up to bedtime as bright spotlights will only activate the brain.  Soothing music is also very calming on the central nervous system and will induce a relaxed state.

Lavender is another wonderful way to relax the mind and body.  The scent is instantly associated with sleep and relaxation. Spritzing some on your pillow or lighting your ‘Unwind’ candle in French Lavender are great ways to enjoy this scent. 

Lavender interacts with the neurotransmitter GABA (Gamma-amino butyric acid) to help quiet the brain and nervous system activity, reducing agitation, anger, aggression, and restlessness. 

See our ‘Unwind’ collection - but be sure to blow it out fully before you go to sleep!  


  1. Bedtime Ritual

Read a book. By reading before bed you are completely switching off from what has happened during your day and you are able to focus the mind and be absorbed in the story instead.  This is really good for our brains and will help to clear the mind of stressful thoughts we may have.

However, reading on your phone or other electronic devices that reflect blue light are not the same, this will work against you falling asleep as blue light suppresses the release of melatonin in our brains, which leads to a lower quality of sleep, which in turn can contribute to a variety of negative health effects.

Give these tips a try and after a few nights of a new routine, see how your sleep can be improved!

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