• Top 5 Tips to Recharge This Christmas

December 24, 2020

5 Easy Ways to Recharge this Christmas

Here are our top 5 easy suggestions to recharge this Christmas and feel more positive, more energised and more organised for the year ahead – whatever it may bring.

It’s been such a crazy year with so many reasons to feel stressed and overwhelmed. 

With Tier 3 & 4 now in place in most parts of the UK , there is little left to do but pause, recharge and count our blessings.  There are always reasons to be grateful … even if we need to look a little harder than usual!

 1. Unplug From Technology

While we will wish to use our phones to keep in touch with loved ones, they can also be a source of stress and getting lost in the land of scrolling. So, why not use this time to put them away and only check at certain times.

We know by now that they can become somewhat of an addiction, so ideally placing them out of sight will help us to forget about them for a little while and be more present as we enjoy other activities with our family.  

If we have younger children, this is also a great ways to set an example and practice what we so often preach!

 2Rest Your Body

The lead up to Christmas can be hectic and this year even more so.  Allow your body and mind to rest fully.  Take time out, sit, watch your favourtie movie,  Bring out your favourite books or magazines and set aside quite time to recharge. 

 A lovely bath with candles is always a wonderful gift to our bodies and mind too!  Add in a few lovely salts and you will feel the benefits.

 3. Enjoy The Fresh Air

We all know the benefits of walking and fresh air. Experts tell us that a few 10 minute walks throughout our day can boost our mental wellbeing as well as a all the physical health benefits including boosting our metabolism. 

So have those walking shoes and warm coats ready to enjoy some daily time in nature.  Even 10 minutes has been proven to boost our mental and physical wellbeing. 

4. Create a Routine 

An evening routine can be a wonderful way to wind down at the end fo the day.  If you haven’t got one already, then now is the perfect time to create one for the year ahead. 

We all know that our screens are bad for us and disrupt our sleep, affecting our abilty to drift off into a deep slumber.  So turning off the phone after 7pm and enjoying a book, bath or gentle yoga are some good ideas you can start now so that they become a new, healthy habit for the year ahead

5. Have Fun!

Laughter is always the best medicine and of course at Christmas this is the most important part of the holidays. Whether playing board games at home with the kids or on a zoom call with friends and family ..... Make sure that you have a lot of fun this festive period.

After the year we've had - we all need a more laughter.

We hope you've enjoyed this article, and feel free to share if you have. 

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