• The Joy of Autumn

December 24, 2020

A season for renewal

 (Photo by Matt on Unsplash)

Autumn has always been my favourite season.   The colours, the crisp fresh air and the sense of beauty in the fallen leaves .... it's always made me feel very thoughtful about  the cycle of life, releasing the old and making way for renewal.

There are so many reasons to embrace this wonderful season of shedding and leaving behind the old.  Here we outline just three of them. 

1.Enjoy The Beauty of Nature

From pale golden yellow to burgundy and dark brown, the spectrum of colours brought to us each Autumn is a delight for the eyes.   This really is the perfect season to get out and appreciate the ever changing beauty of Mother Nature. 
A walk through the crunching leaves offers the perfect opportunity to pause, slow down and practice a little mindfulness - simply living in the moment.  That wonderful crunching sound as you walk through the leaves.  

2. Try lunchtime workouts

o difficult to motivate you to do your workout .. why not switch to a new Autumnal workout slot.

A pre lunch workout has many benefits, from boosting your metabolism to helping keep that afternoon dipn at bay!

So many fitness sites have now gone online with zoom classes or free ‘access anytime’ classes. Simply take half an hour to enjoy your favourite HIIT, yoga, pilates or dance class. 

(Photo by Brandon Erlinger-Ford on Unsplash.)


3. Explore the Spicy Side

are such an easy way to add some extra taste and zing to these seasonal delights.

Spices not only contain a good source of minerals, such as magnesium, calcium and iron but some also contain anti-inflammatory benefits, such as turmeric.

 What do you love most about Autumn? 



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