• Practicing Self-Care | Four Key Areas

January 27, 2021

Practicing Self-Care | Four Key Areas

As we continue to juggle the many demands of family and work like, now more than ever, we need to invest time daily into recharging, renewing our energy levels, so that we can stay healthy (and sane!) during these challenging times. 

Now more than ever, having a regular self-care practice is important for all of us and even more crucial for the many parents juggling work and children at home.  Below we list four key areas for our self-care.  Each one has examples of how you can nurture your mind, body and spirit and make self-care a part of your everyday life.  

Mental Care

Taking care of your mental wellbeing is really important to keep our brains healthy and stimulated, particularly in stressful times.
  • Challenge yourself daily with a crossword or new task. 
  • Read a good non-fiction book.
  • Watch a documentary or intellectually stimulating movie.
  • Learn a new hobby or skill. 

Emotional Care

  • Our emotions are incredibly important to our overall wellbeing.
  • Become aware of your thoughts and any self-criticism.
  • Get support from a therapist, coach, or trusted friend when needed.
  • Journal – write down your feelings and thoughts.
  • Make time for laughter and fun in your life.


    Spiritual Care

    'We are spiritual beings, having a human experience.' - Wayne Dyer

    A spiritual practice can really enhance our wellbeing and sense of self.  Whether you are religious or follow another form of spiritual practice, making it a daily habit is a wonderful habit.

    • Get outside in nature – daily if possible
    • Journal, meditate, pray or practice gratitude daily
    • Enjoy being creative: draw, write, dance, sing, paint
    • Volunteer for a cause you’re passionate about.

     Physical Care

    • Appreciate & nurture your body
    • Nourish it with proper, healthy food
    • Drink enough water each day
    • Get enough, quality sleep
    • (ideal at the same time if possible)
    • Exercise to replenish your energy and manage stress 


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