• Our 10 Top Tips to Relax, Reduce Stress and Recharge

October 28, 2019

 Life today is busy, far too busy most of the time.  We are constantly connected to people, events or one technological device or another.  This can really take it's toll on our bodies and minds and knowing how to pause, relax and reduce this build up of stress is very important for healthy, balanced living. 

  1. Understand what contributes most to your stress.

Evaluate what is making you the most stressed, what is taking up a lot of your time and possibly causing other things to take a back seat. Once you understand what the main contributing factor to your stress are you can then look into how you can make changes to them. 


  1. Create some ' Me Time' 

Take some time out! Daily!  Step off the crazy train and enjoy some space. 

Please don’t feel guilty for making time for yourself as in order to be able to meet anyone's else's needs, you first need to be able to meet you own.  So it is actually a selfless act really! 

We all need time to refuel, relax and unwind this doesn’t just mean collapsing into bed at the end of the day. This means down time during the day!  Whether that be lighting some candles and having a bath, a stroll in the countryside, playing with your dog/ cat,  meditation there are so many things you can do.  


  1. Understand what you can control and what you can't.

If you feel you are becoming stressed about something in your life, assess it.  Is it something you can control or change, if the answer is yes then evaluate how you are able change this. If the answer is no then the best thing to do is simply 'Let it go!'. Release it and you attachment to whatever it is.   

Often we carry the weight of the world in our heads!! So many of our worries and fears never actual occur and stressing about events, people or things that we cannot change ... really is a waste of our valuable headspace.  The ability to 'let things go' can play a big part in the reduction of your stress.


  1. Put your phone down.

This may seem like the impossible at time, but trust us anything is possible.  With our phones almost permanently attached to our hands these days, it seems like we are completely controlled by them! However, that really is not the case.  Better habits, such as leaving it in your handbag once you get home, turning it onto silent and turning off notifications and simply limiting it's use to times when you genuinely need it ... all all within your control. 

Constantly looking at a screen takes us away from the present moment, from reading, from being present with our families or friends.  It also gives our brains very little down time to just 'be' and allow our minds to wander.   Finally, overuse of your phone can also effect the quality of your sleep.  


  1. Yoga

There are many benefits to Yoga, from gently stretching your muscles, developing a connection between your mind and body and allowing some quiet space for the mind to recharge. 

Yoga is a great way to have some down time, focus on your breath and body and think of nothing else.  With so many classes on offer and even video's available online (we love YogaWithAdrienne on YouTube), it is very easy to join a class.

After a couple of sessions, you will wake up with a new lease of life and feel positive about all the day has to bring.


  1. Keep a journal

The power of simply writing down your thoughts and feelings is truly remarkable. Journaling regularly is a great way to remove stressful thoughts or negative feelings from your mind.

It is a form of release, you are freeing the space in your brain to focus on more positive, creative, uplifting thoughts.

First thing in the morning is the best time to do this.   Set aside 5 minutes of your day to just write, about anything that comes to your mind.  Spelling and grammar doesn't matter, this is just for you!  Put pen to paper and release anything that is bothering you, dig as deep as you can and aim for two or three pages. 


  1. Spend time outside in Nature

Spending time in nauture has been shown to lower stress levels and has similar effects on your brain and body as that of meditating. Although the exact science behind it is unclear, being in a natural setting shows evidence of lower stress levels through a lower heart rate and lower blood pressure. 

Whether you go for a walk, sit in the garden or go camping, whatever it may be just do it.


  1. Exercise

Exercise and other physical activity produce endorphins—chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers—and also improve the ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress. Exercise is also a great way to gain energy, this may seem strange as when you are performing exercise you are exerting yourself but trust us incorporating exercise into your day to day life will increase energy levels.  

You don't need to over commit and sign up for a marathon! Finding something you enjoy is the most important thing here.  Whether walking, running, aerobics, cycling, swimming or even just signing up for a dance or boxing class ... doing something regularly is what really matters. 


  1. Create an Environment that reduce stress.

Straightening out the physical aspects of you life can also bring clarity to the mental ones. Whether this be organising your kitchen cabinets, your draws, your wardrobe, prepping your meals, tidying your bedroom, you will be amazed how much this will clear your mind. Waking up in the morning to a beautiful clean and clear bedroom will put you in a great head space for the day.


  1. Be Grateful 

In todays conflict filled world, it is very easy to focus on and become absorbed by, all that is negative!!  This can spill over into our personal lives and we can easily only see the glass half empty!  There will always be bills to way, work to do and reasons for us to feel stressed.   However, there are also many, many hundreds of reasons for us to feel incredibly grateful.  

Starting at the very basics! Being alive, being able to walk/ talk/ hear/ see.  Having a job, having great friends or family.  A roof over our heads .. food in the fridge ... start with all the basics that we so often take for granted - yet so many people don't have these!

By the time you've added in relationships, health, family, work and all the rest, you should truly feel quite blessed.  

People who practice gratitude daily are some of the happiest people in the world.  Why not join them, all you need is a quiet space. a quiet mind and an open heart. 

We hope that our 10 Top Tips have helped you and that you can use them to bring a little more relaxation, peace and contentment into your life.
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