• New Year. New You.

January 15, 2021

So, January hasn’t quite started off as we had perhaps planned or hoped for but, there is something you can control right now and that’s your style and outfit choices! We may not be heading out anywhere with most of our work and social appointments being on Zoom but we can certainly still dress for the occasion. With us in the midst of Lockdown 3.0 with very little due to change soon we need to re think our style going forward as this may be what can save our sanity right now!

Ditch the Loungewear

During lockdown it has become very easy to find ourselves reaching for the same loungewear everyday, or dare I say it, remaining in our PJs until it’s time to go to bed again, but let’s make January the month to change that! You may think, “but why bother, no one is going to see me?” but actually a very important person is going to see you! Yourself, everyday and every time you catch your reflection in the mirror or staying back at you on the Zoom screen! If you saw someone staring back at you that had reached for the colour and print, or lipstick and accessories it will give you boost to keep going and smash you goals that day. However, if that reflection is of someone that hadn’t quite found the time to do your hair or remove the grey hoodie you have worn all week then that reflection is likely to drag your mood and motivation downhill and this is what we need to avoid right now!

It is more important than ever to dress for yourself right now, to dress for your reflection, to dress up your mood and confidence and to also dress to be more productive! If you feel great and dress for the part you playing today you are more than likely going to be a winner.  If you’re still in your PJs are you really going to achieve all your goals or just be left feeling ...meh?????

I launched the hash tag #ditchtheloungewear in Lockdown 1.0 when I typed Trousers into a search on a website for a client’s style and the first 9 squares were of tracksuit bottoms! I couldn’t believe what I was being offered and I realised that so many brands were suddenly flooding our baskets with loungewear!!! I felt we had to fight back and the hash tag was born and I have loved everyone joining in!

Style at Home

I really want to show you how you can level up your style at home, whether you are home schooling, working from home, nailing the chores or studying for something new and exciting! It is possible to dress comfortably but still feel and look fantastic for yourself, your zooms, your family and for the postman! Here are some key pieces you may want to add into your wardrobe to encourage you to reach for anything other than the loungewear and to up your style game ready for when we come out of lockdown!

The Dungarees

Dungarees are sometimes over looked but they are a great piece to dress up or down, an alternative to regular jeans and also feel great fun! They go with so much and tend to come back season after season so are a great piece to add to your wardrobe that will last season after season! There are usually various styles you can go for, you can get a looser Boyfriend fit pair but these can sometimes look too relaxed and harder to dress up, so I tend to recommend going for the more fitted pair as they are more versatile but it can be a case of trying a few and testing them out with other pieces in your wardrobe.

Items Mentioned:

New Look Skinny Dungarees, £22.49 click here

Zara Snakeskin Blouse,
£27.99, Click here

Scamp and Dude Sweat, click here

Super Ga Canvas Trainers, click here
Matalan Military Boot, £22.00  click here 

Amelia Rose Accessories, £48.00 Click here 
Matalan Head Band, £6.00 click here


The Skirt 

The midi skirt is still very much a key wardrobe item for Spring 2021 and the best option for working, living and being busy at home is the elasticated waist pleated midi skirt. The waistband means its comfortable sitting at your desk, works with your body and the pleats mean it isn’t going to be restrictive in any way! Again, it is a piece that can be smartened up for the calls but dressed down for the weekend and when we may be allowed back to pubs again can be worn with a cami top, heels and clutch bag!

H&M Midi Skirt, click here
H&M Red Jumper, click here
Stradivarius Slouch Boots, click here
£25.99 (sale)
Zara Basic Sweat, click here
Zara Studded Boots, click here
£29.99 (sale)
& Other Stories Leather Bag, click here


The Relaxed Dress

Thankfully the dress of the moment is the oversized one! Perfect! As we move away from the smart, corporate, tailored dresses we wore in the office we can continue to wear a dress at home but one that is more relaxed, where we float around the house with ease, be comfortable at our desk and still ooze glamour with our slippers firmly on our feet! They can be worn so many ways they are certainly not just for special occasions and are versatile across season. For Winter this dress can be layered over tights and a fine roll neck but worn solo in Summer with sandals and a light jacket! 

Chloe James Lifestyle Dress, click here
M&S Thermal Roll Neck, click here
River Island Belt, click here
ASOS Leather Bag, click here
£108.00 (sale)
Zara Suede Boots, £99.99  click here

Chloe James Slippers, £39.00 click here


The Trousers

It’s not always comfortable to be in your jeans all day, especially if you are sat at the desk, so this means options that aren’t our PJs or lounge trousers! I always recommend going for a relaxed wide leg, it’s similar to the floaty dress in that it feels smart and looks smart but they are comfortable to wear and if you can get a pair with an elasticated waist then even better! Like the Skirt and Dungarees you can wear these with a blouse for a smarter appearance or team them with a colourful or printed sweat top for your more relaxed days or days with the kids!

M&S Wide Leg Trouser, £31.00 (sale) click here

Next Zebra Sweat, £22.00 click here

The Dressing Room, Veja Trainers, £115.00, click here

H&M Denim Shirt, £19.99, click here 

H&M Pussy Bow Blouse, £14.99, click here 

Zara Bag, £25.99, click here


Lipstick and Scents

There are always going to be days though when we really just can’t step away from the loungewear and as much as I fight this I am also a realistic working Mum of 2 minis! So on those days when you reach for your comfy pieces ensure to still grab your brightest lippy and your favourite perfume and just add that! It’ll be enough to give you a lift and ensure you are happy with that reflection every time you pass the mirror! Just breathe in your gorgeous scent and give yourself a pout!


Lisa Wisdom

Lisa has worked in the Fashion Industry for over 20 years now and launched Style with Wisdom 8 years ago.

She styles Men and Women to build their style and body confidence whatever their age, budget or size. Lisa believes style should be enjoyed by everyone and we should all feel excited about getting dressed in the morning.


Or visit Lisa's website or follow her on social media. 


Facebook: @stylewithwisdom

Instagram: @stylewithwisdom

Email: LisaWisdom@stylewithwisdom


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