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April 09, 2020

Exercise is a natural and effective way to boost our wellbeing and reduce anxiety and elevate our mood! 

It boosts your mental and physical energy and is great for our emotional well being too as it releases stress and tension that builds up each day!   As we workout we increase those 'feel happy' mood-boosting endorphins and also release the stress hormon, cortisol, as we sweat!  It really is the easiest, free way to boost our energy and sense of well-being!

To gain the benefits, you don't need to do a 10km run or lift heavy weights - simple exercise such as going for a walk, yoga, 20 minutes of cardio or to start .... even simply stretching daily will have huge benefits. 

This current period at home is a great time to explore the world of online exercise and find something that suits you.   

Jump'n'Juice with Louise Condon


Jump'n'Juice is an awesome way to get some exercise into your daily schedule ... no matter how busy you are!! With most of their classes only 20 minutes ... yes, 20 minutes .... there is really no excuse for not fitting in a few a week!

Whether you like the motivation of working out with others on their LIVE Workouts each week, or simply want to pick your own workout from their extensive library, the options are limitless.  

At only £10 per month with No Contract it is incredibly good value.  

Your membership gives you access to unlimited workouts, healthy meal recipes and membership to a wonderful group of hundreds of other members (all sharing recipes and tips) - it really is great value!

See our Feature on our home page for a full interview tip the inspiring Louise Condon - Founder of Jump'n'Juice!  It includes a special offer for our readers too!


Yoga With Adrienne 

YouTube: Yoga With Adrienne

YouTube is another fab way to fit in your daily workout.  You can type in almost any exercise and you are guaranteed to get something that fits. 

I've followed Yoga With Adrienne for the past couple of years and really love her range of yoga workouts.  She is also incredibly likeable with a lovely, down to earth approach to each session.  

If you are a dog lover, she usually has her adorable, super chilled dog Benji with her too!

Joe Wicks | The Body Coach


By now most of the children are enjoying Joe Wicks (@TheBodyCoach) PE workouts but did you know that long before he was teaching our kids PE, Joe Wicks was well known for his fab workouts for grown up's too! 


Kayla Itsines


Kayla's workouts can be completed in just 28 minutes - again perfect if you struggle to make time for exercising.  Her fitness program incorporates high-intensity plyometric and resistance exercises. While her new Stronger program, incorporates weights machines and other gym equipment to help you build strength and fitness.  


Monthly membership is $19.99.  Find out more about her programs on her website www.kaylaitsines.com 




Bradley Simmons


Bradley Simmonds is an amazing celeb trainer and has some really good videos for home workouts and workouts with limited equipment. It's no wonder his instagram account has a following of 371k!

His workouts tend to be more from the intermediate to advanced levels but as we have explained previously you can reduce the repetitions and rounds and work your way up!

Working out together is a fab, fun way of hanging out as a family.  Get everyone involved in your workouts and whether it's 3 times a week or every day .... it will be good for the body and the mind.

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