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  • Why Soy Wax?

May 02, 2019

 We Love Our Planet

I've always loved nature,  It's such a wonderfully recharging way to escape from life stressed and renew our energy.  As I got older, and spend less time in nature and more time in offices or at a computer, I realised that I craved it's healing properties.

Sadly, this wonderful gift is now being destroyed by our lifestyles.  Never before have we been so aware of the serious environmental issues our beautiful planet faces.  This is nothing new, scientist and conservationist have warned us for many years now, of our need to change our ways.  However, the effects of it have come much sooner than anyone realised. 

Choosing eco-conscious products and brands really does make a difference.  It means that the products have been made with quality, sustainability and responsibility in mind.  

"Paraffin candles are made from petroleum. This is toxic and not only causes harm to us as we burn it, but also to our beautiful planet.  Using sustainably sourced soy wax, is a wonderful, natural way to still enjoy your favourite scented candles.'

As parents as well as business owners, we firmly believe it is all our responsibility to make the changes needed to improve this situation.  Our actions now, will have a direct effect on the health of our planet, not only for the thousands of species that we share it with, but for our children and all future generations.

 What we do:

  • Source Locally - All our candles are made here in England.
  • Recycled Packaging - All our packaging is made from recycled materials
  • Reusable products - Our glass candle holders, can easily be re-used.  Simply rinse out with warm water and you have a lovely glass or tea light holder to keep. 
  • Plant based Wax - We use soy wax which is a renewable resource, unlike petroleum.

By everyone doing a little, together we can make big changes to the outcome of our planet's future. 

We encourage you to make simple changes to the items you purchase and promise that combined ... it really does make a difference. 

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