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April 21, 2020

Earth Day is for EVERYONE!

Tomorrow marks EARTH DAY 2020  The theme this year is climate action.

Miller & Keane are two boys who love to colour and so we came up with the idea of  running a fab competition for all the little ones this Earth Day!

Enter to Win!! 

Why not let your little ones get involved and print off the colouring sheets below
We are running a competition on our facebook page until Sunday and will be giving away two fantastic Gift sets.  
Below are four different downloads that your grown up can print off! Take some time to colour them in (be as creative as you like!!) and write a few sentences about why it's important to care for our planet.

(Hint: There are lots of links to help you with ideas below!) 

1. Click on images below & Download (Print in Landscape)
2. Colour & add your own text
3. Upload a photo of your wok to enter onto our Facebook Competition

Our Planet | Colouring Fact Sheet

Our beautiful planet is home not only to us, but to so many other beautiful living things.  We need to care for it so that they all have homes too!



Our Oceans | Colouring Fact Sheet

From turtles to dolphins and octopus and little demo, our oceans need to be clean so that they can swim safely below!



Mother Nature | Colouring Fact Sheet
Mother Nature has given us flowers and trees, bushes and forests for the birds and the bees.  This is where they live, with all their family -  so we need to make sure that it's as clean as can be! 


Our Trees |  Colouring Fact Sheet

Our earth is filled with so many trees - did you know that they actually help us to breathe? Look up how important these trees are for life and think of a few ways we can help them to thrive!


Ask a grown up to upload it onto our facebook page - there will be a special post with this same photo on it! You can be in the photo too if your grown up gives you permissions! 

On Sunday, we will pick 2 lucky winners! They will receive a special Gift box with a candle and a lovely scented diffuser PLUS a box of colouring pencils just for you!

We can't wait to see all your lovely pieces of work! 

* Competition Guideline

  1. Winner will be picked at random.  
  2. Each new drawing uploaded, counts as a new entry.
  3. Winner announced directly and on our facebook page Sunday 26th at 9pm 

Want to learn more? 

Here are some fab resources for children to learn more about our beautiful planet and what we can do to keep it safe.  Click on the link titles below to go to the websites. 

It's Our Planet Too

This month, we caught up with Katie, the owner of 'It's our Planet Too!'.  See the full article on our home page and check out this beautiful childrens website where your children can learn lots of fun facts about our planet and it's wildlife. 


BBC Bitesize 

A fantastic 'go to' for a whole range of educational topics, BBC Bitesize has a wonderful article all about Earth Day 2020. 

With a fun, interactive Earth Day Quiz, the older kids will enjoy learning too!





This is a fab educational site with Free or paid membership.  Just create a login and you can get some amazing downloads, fact sheets and Wordsearch pages on our earth as well as many other educational topics!

We hope your children enjoy learning about Earth Day today and together we all make lots of little changes to protect our beautiful planet and help solve the impact of climate change ... one step at a time!


Mom to Miller & Keane



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