• Earth Day 2020 | What is it all about?

April 20, 2020

We believe that every day should be 'Earth day' on this beautiful planet we call home!  We should always be mindful of the effect we are having on during our time here and take care to ensure it is here for generations to come. 

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic with social distancing and self isolation going on in every home across the world, it is easy to forget that our planet has another great challenge .... climate change. 

When is World Earth Day?

World Earth Day is held on April 22 - the same date every year.

This year, the date falls on a Wednesday.

What is World Earth Day about?

In recent years, thanks to programme such as Blue Planet and earth activists, we have become much more mindful and aware of the sad state of our planet and its wildlife.  In fact watching the news coverages of mass drought, wildfires, wildlife killed in their tens of thousands .... can be quite depressing and and its natural to sometimes want to tune it out. 

First launched as a way to promote environmentalism and protest against the negative aspects of industrialisation, and set against the backdrop of rising public concern about the environment.

More than a billion people worldwide now take part in marches, with petitions signed and clean-ups organised to protect the environment.  People all around the world are encouraged to do things to benefit the environment, from recycling and planting trees to reducing our carbon footprints.

Earth Day has grown to become the huge environmental movement that it is today!  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year will be slightly different with people encouraged to join virtually and take part  online instead. 

 What is 'Earth Day' all about?

    The theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate action. For obvious reasons, this is the topic that is on the spotlight as Earth Day celebrates it's 50th anniversary.  As scientists predict 2020 to be the hottest year yet, the aim is to bring greater awareness to this huge issue facing all of us.  

    Throughout the month of April, there has been a whole host of 'challenges' that anyone can do to help make a positive effect on our planet.  

    The enormous challenge we face right now is the effect of climate change on our planet.  There really is no Planet B so we need to do all we can to protect the beautiful planet we do have.

    A recent report for the UK government concluded the amount of plastic in the world’s oceans is sadly set to triple (yes .. triple!) within a decade.  

    We have all seen the news and media reports of plastic filled oceans, animals dying due to loss of habitat or pollution and ice bergs melting due to rising temperatures.  We've almost become de-sensitised to the sadness reported from  coral reefs dying before our eyes to cute koala bears being rescued by fire-fighters.  The one thing all of these disaster have in common is climate change. 

    Climate change represents the biggest challenge to the future of humanity and the life-support systems that make our world habitable not just for us but for all future generations to come, for every living animal that we share this planet with ... our choices now, affect so much more. 

    Apart from Climate Change, what else can we do to help protect the Earth?

    There are so many simple changes we can ALL make to turn the tide on the current status quo and start moving in the right direction. Here, we share a few very simple ways in which you, too, can start saving the Earth. 

    1. Ditch Plastic

    Earlier this month, a sperm whale was found dead on the southern coast of Spain, killed by the 29 kilos of plastic in its stomach, authorities say. An autopsy on the 10-metre long marine mammal found plastic bags, parts of fishing nets, old ropes and plastic containers. This sums up how our mindless disposal of our own waste affects the beautiful wildlife on our planet. 

    We really should not be chasing plastic for anything.  By now, most of us are carrying our own bags for shopping, taking our own water/ coffee containers with us.  But where else can we skip plastic? 

    For more simple tips click not his link by the WWF for 10 Easy Tip on reducing plastic. From glitter to wine bottle tops, you will be amazed as what you learn. 

    2. Shop Consciously

    It's easy to become overloaded with all the media reports, but don't allow yourself to become desensitised.  From the clothes and foods we buy to the containers they come in ... every little choice we make matters. 

    "No one person can do enough to change the problem we face, but everyone working together making little changes, will get the results we need."

    Shop more consciously, there is now a myriad of eco-conscious choices available on the market.  Pause before you buy and ask yourself the following questions:

    Do I really need this?
    Is it causing harm to our planet?
    Can I re-use/ re-purpose what I already have?

    More conscious buying decisions will lead to less waste that we have to deal with.

    There are so many eco-conscious stores available to us now.

    Two uk based independent online businesses that we love are www.ItWontCostTheEarth.com and www.TheContentedCompany.com 

    3. Switch to a Green Energy Provider

    This is one of the easiest things you can do!! 

    In just 5 minutes you can switch to a green-energy provider, without any disruption to your supply. Every person choosing a green tariff adds to the movement for more renewables.

    You could even be in for a surprise saving. Clean tariffs are often cheaper than the standard fixed-rate tariffs most UK households are on.  

    Thousands of home across the UK have already done this  and there are several approved providers to choose from.

    Check out this link from Friends of the Earth and switch today. 

    Green Energy Providers Link 

    4. Pick one cause and learn more about it

    Reading this article right now already shows that you’re actively looking for ways to learn how you can make a difference. 

    Once you know which cause you stand for, educate yourself. Study what you can do on a daily basis to make a positive contribution. 

    Feed your mind, learn and explore little ways of living in a more eco-conscious way.

    What’s the one thing that you feel most strongly about regarding the state of the Earth? How can I do something to make this situation better?

    Even if its something small such as

    - donating to a charity that works to solve this issue
    - sharing their posts on social media
    - discussing this topic with friends, with our children, learning more


    5. Stay Informed

    We hope this article has inspired you to learn more.  It is easy to feel helpless and as if our small efforts don't matter .... but they do!  There are plenty of places to go for tips and advice on ways we can ALL help together.   Join groups on Facebook and feel part of a community. 

    Here is a useful list of places to start. 









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