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  • Coronavirus - A time for thoughtful, mindful action.

March 17, 2020

We are sure that all of you are just as shocked as we are how Coronavirus has taken over the world. 

Flights canceled, borders closed, people stranded abroad.

We felt it was important to write this blog to just stop and highlight some obvious points and hope that together, we can navigate these unchartered waters in a more mindful, thoughtful way that benefits all. 

Yes, the situation is obviously very serious and we of course, all need to continue to do our utmost to stop the spread of this virus.  But fear can often take our focus to ourselves and makes us act in an irrational way.  It rarely benefits anyone as leads to mass hysteria.

Keeping our mindset positive ..... Learning the facts and taking sensible, considerate action is a far better course for society as a whole. 

Some areas which have already caused issues due to fear and panic are:

Online deliveries

As we now know, most food delivery slots are booked up for weeks.  Some people living in urban areas have even booked weekly or twice weekly slots to ensure their supply while others have nothing at all.  

In doing this we are making it a lot harder for the elderly and vulnerable to get the food and supplies they desperately need as they often can't physically go out and buy them.  Let's free up some slots for those who really need them. 

Quantities purchased

Of course, we all need to plan ahead and ensure we have food for our families. What we are saying is listen to the advice and please continue to do your NORMAL shop, with a few extras where needed.  The excessive amounts that some people have been buying have left the shelves bare for everyone else.

Be mindful and considerate of others, everyone needs to eat and we need to make sure there is enough for everyone.

Toilet Paper! 

We don’t know about you but we think that fighting over toilet paper is just ever so slightly crazy!  There have been stories of people buying dozens or even over a hundred toilet rolls in one go.  Stockpiling is the benefit of the wealthy and those without such funds, the elderly and the vulnerable have been left staring at empty shelves as they search for a simple pack of 4.  Is this ok?

Last time we checked, the side effects of Coronavirus weren't diarrhea but once people start this behaviour, everyone else follows!

The more you buy of any one item - the less there is for everyone else.

Community Outreach

Many of us reading this are not in the vulnerable category so while we plan our meals, keep hand clean to avoid spread and support one another with notes or via phone / skype/ food deliveries.... we can get through this together as a calm, supportive collective. 

At a time like this where the outcome feels completely unknown, do what you can to look after others who may feel isolated.  Some may not have families, may be very frightened and may suffer from mental health issues, making isolation very hard to cope with.   Simple things like dropping supplies at their door with a little note and your number to let them know they are not alone.  

Some people have printed off one of the many note templates doing the rounds (see our social media for one) and dropping them off with vulnerable neighbours in their area.  This is a beautiful act and will help hugely.

Stay Safe

We are sure you are sick of hearing about COVID-19 but we just wanted to remind you of something other than just to wash your hands and that is to stay calm, stay positive and continue to be kind. 

Yes - We need to continue to wash our hands

  • Properly
  • With soap
  • For 20 - 30 seconds each time.  

For more up to date information on the virus check out the NHS advise on

Chloe & Cathy x



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