• 5 Top Tips for Working from Home

April 02, 2020

As many of us are now working from home, we have put together some of our top tips to help you to adjust to this new work environment.  

These are guidelines only and your mental health and well-being will ultimately dictate what works for you.  If you feel your mood slipping, reach out and ask for help.  

This link to the  NHS Advice Sheet offers some great advice and tools for our mental health during this time. 

1. Set up a specific 'Work Space'  

It is far too easy to end up moving around the house with your laptop and working from different places, but this leads to additional stress when you have your items in different spaces and it can make it much harder to be in work mode.                 (Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash)

Instead, pick a specific space where you have your computer, chargers, documents and everything you need ready and waiting.  Then, when you finish work for the day, you leave this space, switch off and move into home /personal life mode.

2. Set proper 'Working Hours'

The world may be out of sync right now, but keeping a regular schedule is key and will help you to avoid burnout.  

  • Daily Routine It is tempting to stay in our pj's and give up on a daily routine right now as we digest the news and huge changes in our lives, however, this will not serve us in the long run.  Wake up every day at the same time and start work at a specific time and try to stick to normal routines as much as possible. 
  • Take a break  Our brains can only focus properly for short periods of time so regular breaks are important for our body and our minds!
  • Eat Lunch away from your desk!  t can be tempting to grab food and continue working, but you will be more recharged if you take a proper break and eat lunch away, away from your working space entirely. 
  • Finish on Time It is very easy to work until much later than you would if you were at the office. So make sure you finish at a specific time, close your laptop and leave the room you have been working in and enjoy the rest of your day.
  • Communicate There may be two of you at home and each of you may need work right now.  Sit down and draft up a plan and agree on hours together.  Communication is key.  You may share parenting duties, split working times but also ensure you each have some time to recharge too!! 
Now more than ever it's incredibly important to work together, support one another and teach your children the benefits of sharing ideas and making a plan together! Sure, you may need to adapt it, but collaborate and figure out what works for your home.

    3.    Plan your day

    Write out a list and plan out what you need to do each day.   Whether this is a 'to do' list or specific daily goals and tasks, outlining your day is a great way to keep focused.  Without a clear outline, it is far too easy to get distracted responding to other items (emails, messages, news feeds ... whatever!).   Be realistic! Don't set yourself up for disappointment by having too many items on your list, finishing each task is more important to lots of half done items. 
    There is also the added benefit and satisfaction you get at the end of each day ... when you can tick off your tasks and feel that sense of achievement.

    4.   Focus - During Productivity Periods

    This is a really important tip. We all have energy highs and lows throughout the day, times when we can really focus and get lots done and other times when our concentration and energy levels dip completely.  When are you at your best? Mornings from 7am -12? Or in the afternoon?

     When does your energy dip? What helps to bring it up again? Fresh air, a walk .. .maybe use this time to enjoy an hour with the kids on your family walk (if you are able to walk safely nearby).

    Work with your bodies natural flow to ensure you make the most of your productive times.  

    Focus on the more challenging tasks at the beginning, when you have the most energy.

    5.    Self Care 

    Now more than ever, your self care routine needs to be in place ... daily!
    • Get Fresh Air Ideally, get outdoors daily.  Remember social distancing rules apply so finding a wide-open space that isn't busy and having your daily exercise will do you, your mind and your body the world of good.

      • Stretch Daily  Our bodies were designed to move so sitting at our laptop for hours is really not good for our bodies.  To prevent headaches, posture issues and back age, make it a habit to do some stretching with a walk or an online yoga or pilates class.   There are so many resources available right now with most classes gone online! If stuck google or YouTube have lots of FREE resources - included in list below.

      • Stay Hydrated Drink Water throughout the day.  Our brain function is very much regulated by our fluid intake and even mild dehydration has a huge effect on our ability to focus and get work done.  See article here Why Drink Water for  the full list of benefits

      • Limit Negativity  Right now there is constant media coverage of the Corona virus, it's destruction and the daily death toll worldwide.  While some facts are fine, it is quite bad for our mental health to tune in to this amount of negative coverage - on repeat.  Yes, it is awful right now, but as long as you are following all advice on social distancing, hand washing and taking all the precautions you are meant to, you can do no more.  Turn off the tv or switch to more positive programmes.   

      • Focus on The Positives  To counteract all the negatives, it is important to list the positives in your life.  Daily gratitude is a wonderful way of doing this.  It can be as simple as a list of 3 to 5 things in your life that you are grateful for.  Start with the basics such as a roof over your head, food, clothing, loved ones... and soon you will be listing off so much more.  Your health, your support network, internet connection, face time with family ... there is always so much in our lives to be grateful for that we take for granted.  Writing out this list or chatting to your partner or children and everyone getting involved, is a wonderful way to boost our wellbeing and release endorphins which counteract stress. 

      • Quality Sleep You need a good night sleep if you want to have a good day ahead!  Staring your day tired is a sure way of setting yourself up for failure.  You are less likely to be able to think clearly or cope with any stresses that will inevitable show up during the day ahead.

      Getting good quality sleep it critical right now as it keeps our bodies, mind and immune system strong.  For now, you need to place sleep over your favourite box set!   Get to bed early every night and read instead ... your body needs this time to repair and recharge. 

        Benefits of a proper sleep  include 

        Ability to think clearly & concentrate properly

        Increases your sense of wellbeing

        Helps us to cope better with stress

        Boosts your immune system

        Reduces risk of serious illnesses

         (Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash)


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         For more information, see our blog article about the importance of sleep on our wellbeing.   We hope that you have enjoyed this article or found it useful, please feel free to share it with others.  




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