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May 13, 2020

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Article by Nawal Houghton | Coach and Owner of Your Divorce Coach.org.uk 

Top 10 Tips for long distance relationships

This month we had the pleasure of collaborating with Nawal Houghton ((www.yourdivorcecoach.org.uk/) to get some very wise and useful tips on maintaing a long distanace relationship during Covid-19.
Whilst many of us have the luxury of being able to be in lockdown during Covid-19 with our loved ones, there is a large section of our society that are not only going through lockdown alone but also have had to give up on spending time or seeing new partners that we have recently started seeing or partners that we have been in a relationship with for a while but that we are unable to be in lockdown with for various reasons. 
The idea of trying to continue with romantic relationships during Covid 19 may seem hopeless but here are some tips on how to keep the romance alive, building on different aspects of our relationship during these difficult times looking forward to being reunited with them.

1. Communicate and be honest with each other.

Create spoken agreements around communication and behaviour to clarify expectations and trust.  

2. Send good morning and goodnight texts, pictures or videos everyday

3. Talk about the things you want to do together and plan some special dates and activities for when lockdown is over

4. Send love notes by post.

Remind your partner why you love them and your relationship

5. Find small ways to surprise each other

Sending gifts, read a love poem and send over video

6. Have frequent date nights virtually!

7. Shift your beliefs to see long distance as an opportunity that brings you closer and makes you stronger. Focus on the positive aspects of long distance.

8. Stay open and honest about your struggles, thoughts and feelings. Learn how to support each other over distance.

9. Give each other something over distance that smells like him or her.  A scarf, tshirt, note with their scent on it. 

10. Stay positive, this is not forever, it is a short period of time and will pass.  Keep your focus on the long term!

This article was written by Nawal Houghton for Miller & Keane.  To find out more about Nawal visit her website or follow her on her social media.



For similar articles or more information on communication during this tricky time, you can contact Nawal at www.yourdivorcecoach.org.uor follow her on her social media. 

Nawal also specialises on guiding and supporting couples going through a break up or co-parenting during this difficult time.  

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